Lab Alumni

Nathan Engida | Undergraduate Researcher

Graduated Dec. 2022

I majored in Biological Sciences with a concentration in Computational Biology. I was born in Ethiopia and moved to the U.S. after finishing highschool. I am interested in the intersection of statistics, biological science, and Computer Science. I love interacting with students, I had a satisfying experience serving as a Chemistry learning assistant where I worked closely with a faculty mentor. In my free time, I like to listen to podcasts and TED Talks. 

Project: BirdNET App analytics

Daniel Sossover | Undergraduate Researcher

Graduated December 2022

I majored in Environment & Sustainability Sciences with a concentration in Environmental Biology & Applied Ecology. Before transferring to Cornell, I graduated from SUNY ESF’s Ranger School with an associate’s in applied science. My love for learning about the natural world began as soon as I could read. Since then, I’ve dedicated my educational and professional life to environmental conservation. I spend my free time hiking, rock climbing, and diving deeper into my interests in international politics, physics, and ecology.

Project: wolf demography