Joining the Cornell Lab of Ornithology

On April 21st I successfully defended my dissertation, and on April 23rd I left Madison for points east; in early June I’ll be joining the Cornell Lab of Ornithology as Rose Postdoctoral Fellow!

The remote defense was disappointing – I would’ve liked to shake my advisor’s hand and hug my parents – but it certainly had its benefits. A lot of friends and colleagues watched my presentation that wouldn’t have otherwise been able to attend, and it I’m very grateful to all that joined in. The recording is HERE if you’re curious.

At the Lab of O., I’ll be in the Center for Conservation Bioacoustics, a great team with whom I’ve worked throughout my PhD as well. I’ll be using the Sierra Nevada audio data my crews have been collecting since 2017 to study the entire diurnal bird community! The artificial intelligence program BirdNET, one of the CCB’s newest products, will be an integral tool in this new project. BirdNET is an convolutional neural network that can identify almost a thousand bird species.

This next phase will certainly be a team effort, as was the last. A huge team helped make my dissertation possible, and working with them was truly one of my favorite aspects of the project. I was lucky to have great technicians, including Nick Kryshak and Michaela Gustafson, and a number of academic and agency collaborators. And I couldn’t have asked for a better advisor. Thanks everyone.

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